The Barr Trail Mountain Race is one of the Front Range’s historic summer mountain running events. The 12.6-mile course begins at the Cog Railway Station (6,570 ft) in Manitou Springs, Colorado, ascends Pikes Peak’s iconic Barr Trail to Barr Camp (10,200 ft) before turning, descending and finishing at the Barr Trailhead. Join us July 16th, 2017 for the 17th annual BTMR on “America’s Mountain”!


Arlene Pieper, Barr trailblazer and longtime fitness advocate, needs help. Please read more below and consider donating if you are able. ... See MoreSee Less

This special request is timely as Kathrine Switzer returns to Boston this weekend to repeat her historic run, our very own trail blazer, Arlene is in need of some help. Arlene Piper became the first woman to officially complete a marathon in the United States when she ran the Pikes Peak Marathon in a pair of dime store shoes in 1959. Arlene has spent her life preaching the values of fitness and exercise for men and women and now she needs our support. At 87 years old, Arlene resides in Fresno, California and has lived in her house for over 50 years. Due to the heavy storms in the Fresno area this past fall and winter, her home was severely damaged. Currently, it's estimated that her home has suffered $32,650 in damages. Additionally, nearly all of her furniture is too damaged for continued use because of the rainfall and moisture in the house, and she is in need of new household items and clothes. By donating, you are helping to give Arlene her home back. Funds will be used for home repairs and to update her home to be senior accessible. Including labor, this comes to $52,650. The remaining fund will help her pay for home care, future medical expenses, property upkeep, and home improvements. If you are willing to spare a few dollars to help this incredible lady, you can learn more here:

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Our very own BTMR committee member and Manitou Springs resident, Brandon Anthony Stapanowich, will take on the epic The Barkley Marathons in a few hours. Oh, it's only about 130 miles with 60,000 feet of elevation change...that would be about as hard as doing BTMR at least 4 times. Run strong, Brandon!
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Is it a pteradactyle? Is it a Concord? Not, it's Brandon "The Stank" Stapanowich and that is how he normally dresses. He will be starting The Barkley Marathons in 6 hours....or 10 hours....perhaps 14 hours? Who knows! Whenever Laz decides to blow that conch shell and light that cigarette. Watch out for this mulletted bandit, who has scaled mountains in a single bound, ascended 44,000 feet within a 24 hour period (and also descended that same amount), kissed The Rock, made the Manitou Incline sexy and trained in the most chaffable material possible (denim, actually a Canadian Tuxedo to be politically correct). He's eyeing that prize! Run well, Brandon, and be sure to Stank It Up! #TeamColorado #BarkleyMarathons #WorkHardPlayHard Achilles Pikes Peak #ChaseAdventure

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Your BTMR committee member, Brandon Stapanowich is preparing for a little race in Tennessee by the name of The Barkley Marathons. He has his anti-fungal cream for the 60,000 feet of vertical gain over ~130 miles he will face. Wish him luck!
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