LOCAL HIGH SCHOOLS!! We want you to participate in our Aid Station Challenge! If interested please visit the Garden of the Gods 10 Mi/10K Race site and choose BTMR for the “challenge” in the “WHY” section (along with your “why”.

A drawing will be held to select aid station location. High schools that are selected will be awarded a portion of the proceeds from this year’s race! Important dates to note are as follows:

 2019 Application Deadline (Garden 10 Mile & BTMR): Wednesday, May 22

  • Drawing Results Notification: Friday, May 24
  • Garden Planning Meeting: Wednesday, May 29
  • Garden 10 Mile Run & 10K: Sunday, June 9
  • Barr Trail Planning Meeting: Wednesday, July 17
  • Barr Trail Mountain Race: Sunday, July 28

2019 Aid Station Challenge minimum prize money:

The minimum prize money awarded in the aid station challenge will be based on which location the High School chooses. This reflects the level of effort required to manage the aid station



Barr Camp$1,300
Bob’s Road$1,100
NoName Creek$900

2015 Aid Station Challenge Results

PlaceTeam  ThemeStationAwarded
#1The Classical Academy HSChristmasIncline$1,000
#2Widefield HSJurassic ParkNo Name$800
#3Manitou HSWoodstockBob’s Road$600
#4Doherty HSServantsStart/Finish$500
#5Woodland Park HSMinionsBarr Camp$400

2014 Aid Station Challenge Results

#1The Classical Academy HS$1,500
#2Cheyenne Mountain HS$1,000
#3Doherty HS$500

2013 Aid Station Challenge Results

#1The Classical Academy HSDuck DynastyBob’s Road$2,500
#2Cheyenne Mountain HSAmerican PrideIncline$1,500
#3Widefield HSHeroes at the TopBarr Camp$1,000
#4Sand Creek HSRetro RunningStart/Finish$750
#5Doherty HSBeach BashNo Name$500