The Barr Trail Mountain Race is one of the Front Range’s historic summer mountain running events. The 12.6-mile course begins at the Cog Railway Station (6,570 ft) in Manitou Springs, Colorado, ascends Pikes Peak’s iconic Barr Trail to Barr Camp (10,200 ft) before turning, descending and finishing at the Barr Trailhead. Join us July 28th, 2019 for the 19th annual BTMR on “America’s Mountain”! 

Also note that this year – 2019 – BTMR is the North American SKYRUNNING Championship race!

We are an equal opportunity service provider and a permittee of the Pike National Forest.


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Barr Trail Mountain Race

Congrats, Marc! Your cross-training regimen is on point. See you on the hill! ⚒⚙️ #BTMR2019This is Marc. Marc recently volunteered with RMFI to help improve trail tread on Barr Trail. Marc just WON a free entry to the Barr Trail Mountain Race!! Thanks so much to the race committee for your steadfast support of our work and the awesome volunteers that make it all happen. Run like the wind, Marc! ... See MoreSee Less

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MOUNTAIN MOTIVATION MONDAY: This is it, the pinnacle workout, the big one before the big dance! We have less than two weeks to go until #BTMR2019 and this is workout will tell you where you are in your training.

Warm up as you would for the race, but don’t expend too much energy. Start at the BTMR start line (Cog Depot, imagine lots of people cheering you on) and run at race pace to each mile marker and take 1 minute recovery when you hit the wooden markers (but keep moving) up to Barr Camp. Take a break at Barr Camp and gather yourself then run down and incorporate 10 X 1 min surges on the downhill. When you hit Hydro Street, sprint up it and imagine that hundreds of fans are cheering and hollering for you! YOU DID IT YOU FINISHED BTMR!! Well, the workout anyway.

Think of this as the race, get in the race mindset and take the nutrition you will use in the race (we will have GU products on course and water/Roctane to refill your bottles or reusable cups). You should have butterflies in your stomach before this workout. You can do it!

~12.6 miles

Try to attempt this workout at least 10 days before the race.
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TRASH-FREE THURSDAY: We want to remind all prospective racers that we are a CUPLESS race (NO PAPER CUPS), and we encourage all runners to carry their own hydration vessel on the course. Race sponsor GU Energy Labs has generously provided us with more Hydrapak SpeedCups, which can easily be tucked into a waistband or pocket between aid stations. ALL RACERS will be given a cup at packet pickup. Volunteers will be ready with pitchers to fill your cups along the trail.

GU will also be providing chews, gels, Roctane drink, and other fueling products and the best part is, they will be helping us recycle the wrappers produced using the TerraCycle program. Simply toss your trash into one of the receptacles at aid stations or the finish, and we'll do the rest.

Thank you for helping us keep our trails clean and minimize our impact on the environment!
#BTMR2019 #SkyChampsNAmerica #loveyourmother 🌎⚒⚙️
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