The Barr Trail Mountain Race is one of the Front Range’s historic summer mountain running events. The 12.6-mile course begins at the Cog Railway Station (6,570 ft) in Manitou Springs, Colorado, ascends Pikes Peak’s iconic Barr Trail to Barr Camp (10,200 ft) before turning, descending and finishing at the Barr Trailhead. Join us July 28th, 2019 for the 19th annual BTMR on “America’s Mountain”!
We are an equal opportunity service provider and a permittee of the Pike National Forest.


TRAIL LOVE TUESDAY: Don't forget, our partnership trail work days with Rocky Mountain Field Institute start up this week! Go put in some sweat equity and grab yourself a discount code to the race.

Also, our registration prices go up on Monday! Time to commit! ⚒⚙️ #BTMR2019 #earntheshirtVolunteer days on Barr Trail start this week! Help us improve tread and trail features near the Incline Connector (3 miles up Barr) and below. Runners volunteering can redeem a $10 discount off the Barr Trail Mountain Race for each workday they attend! ALL volunteers receive a t-shirt courtesy of project sponsor, REI! Sign up to help at

Shout out also to project funder Incline Friends who are also doing work up there this weekend!

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MOUNTAIN MOTIVATION MONDAY: This week's workout. Warm up well before you start this workout (1-2 miles in Manitou), start at the BTMR start line (Cog Depot) and simulate a race start (i.e. the pace you plan to run in the race). This should be a sustained effort through the Ws and up to the 3 mile marker. Turn around and recover for 1 mile on the downhill. Then run race effort on the downhill for the last 2 miles and finish with 2 hard strides up Hydro Street.
~8-10 miles

Pro Tip: This should be a very tough workout and feel like race effort. The more difficult the workouts are, the less difficult the race will be.
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MOUNTAIN MOTIVATION MONDAY: A new week, a new workout! This week, start at the BTMR start line (Cog Depot) and warm up for 1 mile up the course. Then run 2 minutes faster than race pace (~90% of maximum effort) with 1 minutes easy recovery run or hike, if you need to (just make sure to keep moving). Do this up to the 5 mile marker and turn back down. On the way down, do 10 X 30 second surges. MAKE SURE TO LIFT YOUR TOES OVER ROCKS AND ROOTS SO THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO YOU!!
~10 miles

Pro Tip: It will be hot on race day so make sure you are practicing proper hydration techniques (ie carry gels and liquids with you).
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