Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a BTMR related question that you can’t find the answer to please let us know! If it is not specific just to you or your situation we may post it here.

No, and you may get DQed if you wear them, so leave your tunes at home on race day. You will be on a mostly single-track trail with two-way traffic so this is a BIG safety concern. You need to hear what is around you!

We understand that sometimes things happen; jobs, family commitments, and yes, even injuries. However, we do not offer refunds if you can not make the race. PERIOD. Rest assured, however, that your entry fee will help to support selected nonprofit and/or volunteer organizations in our area 🙂

As for a waiting list—there is none (with the exception of our 2021 race due to COVID uncertainties)! Simply, we overbook the race and count on a certain percent of “No Shows” to bring us back down to our desired numbers. Please do not ask to transfer your entry to another runner if you cannot run the race.

For the inaugural race in 2000 we used a cut-off of 4 hours. We are technically going back to our “roots” because technology allows us to do this (we’re also moving the awards ceremony back from 11am to 11:15am)! When the race first started in 2000, we did not have chip-timing capability. This technology has sped up the ability to get our results calculated much more quickly, so we were able to move our cut-off time back to the 4-hour mark to be more inviting and accomodating to those runners who really want to do the race, but due to physical restrictions, just needed that extra 30 minutes to be able to officially finish. Even though the average finishing time of the race was 2h30mins, this still gives us time to compile award data and begin the awards ceremony without significant delays. While that does not seem like a lot of time compared to most races of this length we can see how this could seem like a long time to tired runners.

This race is about giving back to the community and the mountain in which we live and play. We don’t think doing this has to inconvenience the community. Ruxton Avenue is a residential street and many of the residents park on the street. In addition, the City of Manitou Springs has limited much of the parking to residential-only, so we encourage parking elsewhere to avoid traffic blocks and tickets. Besides, everyone knows the best races come after a good warm-up. A mile will not only not kill you, it will probably benefit your race:-)

Simply, we want your race shirt to mean something. We view the shirt as an award, not as a packet stuffer. If you see a BTMR shirt you will know that the runner finished the race and finished it under the cut-off. We have heard more than a few times from runners who said all the way down the mountain they were pushing their hardest to beat the cut-off so they could get a shirt. For many, a shirt is the only award they will get and we don’t want to cheapen it by handing out shirts to anyone who signs up for the race. Also, all of the volunteer shirts are marked “volunteer” so again the runner’s shirts are kept special!

Now some have argued that they paid for the shirt when they signed up for the race. Besides the fact that it is spelled out that the shirt is a finisher’s shirt this simply is not true! Almost all of the race entry fee is donated to nonprofit and/or volunteer organizations. The shirts are paid for by our sponsors — not the runners. The only way to get one is by earning it! However, if you are an official finisher you can buy an extra shirt if there are any left over.

Yes. The BTMR follows the rules and policy in effect for the Garden to Peak Series. You can view the policy on the Pikes Peak Marathon Rules Page

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