Competitive Entry

While Registration is Ongoing:
We will comp 2022’s top five male and female runners, the top three male and female masters, and any previous BTMR overall winner.

In addition, we may comp any runner that stands a chance to displace any of the top five runners from their positions.

After the Race is Full:
Through June 30: We will offer entries (and perhaps comps) to runners who have the potential to displace any of the runners mentioned above. You will need to have a legitimate shot at placing in the top five overall or top three masters and have the mountain running stats to prove it!

From July 1 – 10: We will offer entries (and perhaps comps) to runners who have the potential to win the race. In other words, you better be an impressive mountain runner!

From July 11 – 16: Probably a bit too late.


  • Comped runners and/or runners let in after the race is full must be present at the awards ceremony or all awards and prize money will be forfeited, unless it is a medical emergency. This is no different than for runners who register normally except they can have someone else pick up their age-group plaques.
  • Because of the extreme physical demand of this race, we highly advise that you do not compete in a race the day before. We want to have the most competitive race possible and believe that fresh legs are fast legs!
  • Also, because of the extreme demand of this course and due to insurance restrictions, we will not allow anyone under the age of 16 to compete in the race. This is for their own health and safety.
  • If you have already paid to enter the race do not ask for a comp because your entry fee will not be refunded! We welcome you to ask next year though!
  • If you accept a comp and then “no show” without giving us a courtesy notice you will be denied a comp (and perhaps entry) in future years and we will tar and feather you and march you through the streets of Manitou Springs! The locals love a good tar and feathering!