Age Group Awards

Age groups will be awarded in 5-year increments to a max of 3 deep (depending on the number of finishers in each group).

  • 1-2 runners in age group: 1 award
  • 3-4 runners in age group: 2 awards
  • 5+ runners in age group: 3 awards

Overall Awards

The top 3 male and female overall will split an INCREASED prize purse of $1,650, with an additional $300 for men and $300 for women if a Course Record is broken (possibly even more prize money with the addition of sponsors). The male and female overall winners win a trophy Pick Mattock. These are like the ones used to dig up the granite and amazonite for previous age-group awards. Overall winners are not eligible for masters and age-group awards. You will notice the the difference in prize money between the overall Male and Female Top 3. The gender pay gap in the United States between male and female workers is approximately 20%, with males making that percentage more than females. This is how we arrived at the amounts.

Prize Money

1st M/F $350/$420 – Pick Mattock
2nd M/F $250/$300 – Handmade Award
3rd M/F $150/$180- Handmade Award
Masters 40+
1st M/F Gift Certificate/Spike
MOP (Middle of the Pack) 2017 BTMR Entry
Spirit Award Something that moves your spirit!
Barr Camp M/F Beer!
New Course Record M/F $300*

*This amount will accrue each year if no new CR is set. An increase of $100 from 2016 since no CRs were broken!

Overall M/F will win the traditional BTMR Pick Mattock.


AWARD NO SHOW NOTICE: Overall prize money and awards must be picked up by the award winner at the awards ceremony or the money/prize will be forfeited (unless it is a documented medical emergency). Awards not picked up at the awards ceremony will be recycled and/or reused.

Awards Ceremony

We invite you to stick around after the finish and celebrate your participation in the BTMR with delicious Home-Made Southern Style BBQ compliments of our friends at Front Range BBQ and delicious beer courtesy of our supportive sponsor at Manitou Brewing Co.

The awards ceremony will be held at approximately 11:00am at Soda Springs Park located at the intersection of Manitou Ave and Ruxton Ave.

A post-race party (following the awards ceremony) will be held at the Manitou Brewing Company located at 725 Manitou Ave. Bring your race bib to get 15% off your order. Mention “BTMR” and “Team Colorado” and you get 20% off your order. Come after the awards ceremony and celebrate with us on your accomplishments!