Course Overview

  • The race starts at 7:00am on Ruxton Ave directly in front of the Cog Railway Station at an elevation of 6,570 feet.
  • The route proceeds 6.3 miles up Barr Trail, gaining 3,630 feet before turning around at Barr Camp (10,200 feet).
  • Runners return back down Barr Trail the way they went up, except before reaching the Cog Railway Station, runners make a sharp left turn up (yes, and a STEEP uphill at that – it’s a fun challenge!) Hydro Street and finish in the Barr Trail Parking Lot for a total of 12.6 miles.

Course Map

Aid Stations

  • NOTE: We are a CUP-LESS RACE! Please bring your own refillable cup or reservoir on-course for your nutrition and hydration needs!
  • There are four aid stations located on the course. You will pass them in the following order:
    • Aid #1 Top of the W’s: Mile 1.9 (water only) (no longer Incline Overlook)
    • Aid #2 NoName Creek : Mile 3.1 (Skratch Labs drink + water)
    • Aid #3 Bob’s Road: Mile 4.2 (Skratch Labs drink + water)
    • Aid #4 Barr Camp: Mile 6.3 (Turnaround, water only)
    • Aid #5 Bob’s Road: Mile 8.4 (Skratch Labs drink + water)
    • Aid #6 NoName Creek: Mile 9.5 (Skratch Labs drink + water)
    • Aid #7 Top of the W’s: Mile 10.7 (water only)

Cut-Off Times

Runners who do not make the cut-off times below will not receive an official finish time and are not guaranteed course support.

  • Top of the W’s (Mile 1.9): Cut-off at 50 minutes (:50) elapsed.
  • No-Name Creek (Mile 3.1): Cut-off at 1 hour 20 minutes (1:20) elapsed.
  • Barr Camp (Mile 6.3): No cut-off.
  • Finish Line (Mile 12.6):  4 hours (4:00) elapsed.

Course Support

epcsar-logoMembers of El Paso County Search and Rescue will be on the course for runner safety. EPCSAR is an all-volunteer organization that does not charge for its services, but they incur many expenses throughout the year. For this reason, a portion of your entry fee is donated to EPCSAR.

Barr Camp is approximately 6.3 miles from the Barr Trail trailhead in Manitou Springs. It serves as the turnaround point for the Barr Trail Mountain Race. You can expect a 20 degree temperature difference between the trailhead and Barr Camp, and volatile weather any time of the year.